Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who is Daver Campbell

London Born and current Brooklyn resident, Daver Campbell has been frolicking the NYC fashion social scene since he was a young teenager. Daver’s real last name is Cargill; could he be a descended of the famed Cargill family? No proof has been found to verify whether Daver is a Cargill heir. Many have reported that he switched his name to Campbell after the famous model Naomi started addressing him as her lil brother; not sure how true that is either. What is clear is Daver’s ambition. Mr Cargill or Campbell, whichever you prefer, started climbing the elusive inner social circle and making just the right contact to evolve it into a lucrative business opportunity. Daver had a 3½-year stunt as a fashion model signed to Next Model Management. He reports for People Style Watch and MTV Style blog. He’s often seen hanging out with models like Sessilee Lopez and Abeba Davis.
In 2008, Daver opened up a contemporary online clothing store called Paradox Boutique. Daver describes the site as “the best selections in Vintage, Obscure and High-End Designers for both men and women.”
Many young people gravitate to New York City with dreams of becoming a star, wanting a taste of the limelight and being photographed on the red carpet but few make that dream a reality. There is a clear formula to social success. As Daver explains “the social scene in New York City is all about who you know. Most people want to hang around you because of who you are and know…there’s a lot of pressure in New York City” Daver has a distinct style that would easily attract the eyes of the beautiful people. “Fashion isn't always about the labels but how you put it all together…style can translate into power” explicates Daver. It seems that Mr Campbell-Cargill has that formula ascertain.

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