Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adrian Fanus Grooming Salon

I received an invitation to attend a private media event promoting Adrian Fanus grooming salon in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. From the photos on the invite, I expected to find an upscale storefront salon. As a true green Brooklynite, I decided to take the subway to the shop. The walk there was a bit sketchy. Perplexed and a little nervous as I passed the Clinton Hills projects, I thought to myself this couldn’t be the right location. Even more confusing was the plan nondescript building with the address for the event I was supposed to attend. Double checking my invite, no signage for the salon on the building or buzzers, walking to the corner to confirm that I was on the right block, I took a chance with luck, said a little prayer and entered the building. Proceeding up the stairs looking for any indication that I was at the right place-nothing insight when I heard sounds of chit chatter and movement coming from the top floor, again I took a chance with my sometimes-good fortune and heading to the top floor. Eureka! Before me the very pristine Adrian Fanus Grooming salon.

What a surprise when you enter the shop. It’s truly a different experience from the surrounding neighborhood. The intimate salon is tastefully decorated with large floor to ceiling mirrors that line the barber’s section and a cozy waiting area where complimentary glasses of wine are offered as you wait for your custom cut. The owner, Adrian explained that he purposely chose to keep his barbershop at a tucked away location in an undistinguish building to allow maximum privacy to his patrons who including celebrities like Forest Whitaker, Fonzworth Bentley and Idris Elba.

Walk-ins are not accepted though I doubt by the outside appearance that they ever receive those requests. Services start at $35 which includes a shampoo; other treatments offered include manicures and an old fashioned shave with a straight edge razor.

Judging by the appeased expressions on the recently cut men’s faces and from my female opinion, the cuts were on point.

If you’re are looking for a new barber with more of a personal approach, I definitely recommend checking out Adrian Fanus Clinton Hill salon.

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