Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dancing and revelry for Michael Jackson

Last night Roseland ballroom was transformed into aMichael Jackson devotees dancing hall to commemorate the release of the new album Michael. The large ballroom features a colossal size dance floor with a wrap around VIP balcony overlooking the dancehall. True zealots were dressed in trademark Michael Jackson attire. My favorite was the top hat wearing 1980s Michael Jackson impersonator with the rhinestone single white glove and sequin embellished top.  There were others dressed in MJ fashions “Beat It” red leather jackets, military sequin jackets, and buckle strap boots.
DJ Cassidy was on the turntable playing nothing but the iconic king of pop’s music including tracks from his new album Michael released today. The album sounds like classic Michael Jackson and will surely be a hit with music fans. “Hold my hand” has a heavy Akon sound but still a strong MJ presence. Everyone in the building including the “VIPs” was dancing and giving tribute to the King; the energy was prodigious.   
The culmination of the party was a group choreographed dance routine to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Thriller.” Lucky guest received the ultimate Michael J gift bag containing the Michael album, Wii’s Michael Jackson “The Experience,” a Michael t-shirt and MJ’s “Vision” a definitive DVD collection. What a gift! 

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