Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where are the Prospect Heights shops

With a roster of events to attend tonight, I decided to head over to Pieces for a festive top for the night. Pieces is a Prospect Heights boutique where all the style mavens go. I was excitedly anticipating the racks of corky one-offs, when to my dismay Pieces is closed! The once go to local Prospect Height’s clothing store for men and women is no longer open. What is a fashionista to do? There’s the new Cobble Hills Barney’s but as you can imagine the prices are a bit steep. Than to the opposite side of the spectrum is Coup de Couer, which has moderately priced clothes but to be frank, the quality is subpar. Pieces for the most part was always a sure thing. Prospect Heights is in need of a trendy clothing store that features classic pieces at a responsible price. Who will full the Pieces void? Even with the bed bugs, I would love a Brooklyn TopShop. Since I know that won’t be happening anytime soon, guess I’ll be trucking it on the Q to Soho. 
Come on Prospect Heights, we already came up, now its time for our own signature clothing store for the locals.
If you have any suggestions for local savvy, fashion forward boutiques, I beg your assistance.   
UPDATE: Pieces owner, Latish Daring, recently launched her own line Ashtyn. Latish describes her clothes as being a " justified addition to every woman's closet because they work well, fit well, and stand out, while making women feel amazing, sexy, confident, and comfortable". Check out Ashtyn's collection here. 

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