Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Black Love

I love this photo; it completely illustrates what I image love to look like...comfortable and secure. Add to that that its the president and first lady...priceless.

Award winning photo from the campaign trail

Tom Ford’s Vogue Paris issue features lascivious toddlers and “golden” adults

The very artistic, some would call, Renaissance Man, Tom Ford guest edited Vogue Paris December 2010 issue.  There has been extensive press regarding the taste of Tom Ford’s issue. The arty editorial spread features prurient 7year old girls dressed up in gowns, adorned in diamonds and plastered in make-up. The tiny models were more stylish than the always-controversial excessively made-up children of beauty pageants but really what’s the difference? What was the artist trying to illustrate? Considering that it is the holiday issue, maybe Ford wanted to revive the materialist desire we develop as kids. If you add another seven years to the toddler models, they would be the same age as some of the super models that grace the pages of fashion publications (i.e. 15-year-old Daphne Groeneveld on the cover of the Vogue Paris issue) and high-end designers runways; so again, what’s the difference.   
In contrast to the adolescents, the Ford's edited issue goes to the other extreme, with a fashion spread photographed by the designer himself entitled 'Forever Love'.  Looking like characters straight out of the 80s popular show “Dynasty,” the “golden” aged models are photographed draped in diamonds and emeralds while being a bit frisky with each other.  When asked about the geriatric jewelry spread, Tom explained “I am tired of the cult of youth. The cultural rejection of old age, the stigmatization of wrinkles, grey hair, of bodies furrowed by the years. I am fascinated by Diana Vreeland, Georgia O’Keeffe and Louise Bourgeois, women who have let time embrace them without ever cheating. Society today condemns this, me, I celebrate it. For this session of fine jewelry, I imagined a man and a woman who had been together for a long time, faithful to each other and always incandescent with desire.”
The issue also features another thought provoking photo spread with model and author Crystal Renn as a plastic surgery addict.
Whatever your thoughts on Tom Ford's Vogue Paris issue, the fact that so many people are talking about it including non-fashion types exemplifies his ubiquitous influence.  
 Check the photo gallery for a sneak look at the Vogue Paris December 2010 issue  

Dancing and revelry for Michael Jackson

Last night Roseland ballroom was transformed into aMichael Jackson devotees dancing hall to commemorate the release of the new album Michael. The large ballroom features a colossal size dance floor with a wrap around VIP balcony overlooking the dancehall. True zealots were dressed in trademark Michael Jackson attire. My favorite was the top hat wearing 1980s Michael Jackson impersonator with the rhinestone single white glove and sequin embellished top.  There were others dressed in MJ fashions “Beat It” red leather jackets, military sequin jackets, and buckle strap boots.
DJ Cassidy was on the turntable playing nothing but the iconic king of pop’s music including tracks from his new album Michael released today. The album sounds like classic Michael Jackson and will surely be a hit with music fans. “Hold my hand” has a heavy Akon sound but still a strong MJ presence. Everyone in the building including the “VIPs” was dancing and giving tribute to the King; the energy was prodigious.   
The culmination of the party was a group choreographed dance routine to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Thriller.” Lucky guest received the ultimate Michael J gift bag containing the Michael album, Wii’s Michael Jackson “The Experience,” a Michael t-shirt and MJ’s “Vision” a definitive DVD collection. What a gift! 

Holiday Party Review

Tis the season for the annual holiday parties and last week was overflowing with end of the year festivals. First up, “a sweet event” for Chelsea Taylor and Ooh La La Candy at Gansevoort Hotel Park Ave. The pretty in pink theme event took place at the presidential suite. For the first in many events, an unlimited amount of champagne was served. Ooh La La Candy’s stand featured nostalgic hard candies like Mike & Ikes and Rascals. Disappointingly, there were no decadent cakes or mouthwatering chocolates. Chelsea Taylor previewed their 2011 collection, which featured lots of radiant colors of Swaovski crystals on charms and rings. Like most events of this natural, it was pretty blah but the finger food was a plus and the endless drinks, a delight.
On to the next, Bourgeoisie Shoetique celebrated their 3-year anniversary with host shoe stylist Rashida Ali. Arriving fashionable late, I expected to find a room full of fashionistas while drinks and hors d'oeurves were being consumed as per the invitation. Well unfortunately, food and drinks had to be subtracted from that equation. The event started at 7:30pm; arriving at 9pm, I found nothing but hungry faces and dry mouths. Melissa Ford and Coco were in the building sampling the very sexy Fall 2011 collection. Alas, after a half hour of previewing minus any other entertainment (i.e. drinks!), I left. Note to Bourgeoisie Shoetique: there’s a Trader’s Joe on 14th street; if the budget is tight buy a few bottles of two-buck-chucks and some cheap finger food so you can keep your word. Do you really expect patrons to preview a dozen stilettos for 3 hours?
NeoSoul artist Candace Coles performed for free at the BAMcafe this weekend. The DC native gave an energetic performance along with guest singer/song writer Gordon Chambers. Candace sang over infused jazz funk beats with vocals similar to another well-known neo soul artist, Jill Scott. Another Brooklyn event for the week included Travis Sylvester’s holiday party in Bedstuy. The event took place at a quintessential Brooklyn brownstone filled with fashion conscience locals. There were lots of “prep-masters” with the bowties to complete the getups. Most female attendees bore dresses in the spirit of the season. Graciously, guests were treated to drinks and eatables.
By far, the best party of the week was DGI management’s holiday soiree. The party took place in the West Village at Don Hill’s. It had all the right ingredients for the making of a good party: good music, drinks (free vodka) and folks who wanted to dance. DGI artist Marla Joy performed a couple of tracks to complete the night.
There were more events than I could possible attend and more to come this week. Be sure to check out next week’s wrap-up of festive events.

Who is Daver Campbell

London Born and current Brooklyn resident, Daver Campbell has been frolicking the NYC fashion social scene since he was a young teenager. Daver’s real last name is Cargill; could he be a descended of the famed Cargill family? No proof has been found to verify whether Daver is a Cargill heir. Many have reported that he switched his name to Campbell after the famous model Naomi started addressing him as her lil brother; not sure how true that is either. What is clear is Daver’s ambition. Mr Cargill or Campbell, whichever you prefer, started climbing the elusive inner social circle and making just the right contact to evolve it into a lucrative business opportunity. Daver had a 3½-year stunt as a fashion model signed to Next Model Management. He reports for People Style Watch and MTV Style blog. He’s often seen hanging out with models like Sessilee Lopez and Abeba Davis.
In 2008, Daver opened up a contemporary online clothing store called Paradox Boutique. Daver describes the site as “the best selections in Vintage, Obscure and High-End Designers for both men and women.”
Many young people gravitate to New York City with dreams of becoming a star, wanting a taste of the limelight and being photographed on the red carpet but few make that dream a reality. There is a clear formula to social success. As Daver explains “the social scene in New York City is all about who you know. Most people want to hang around you because of who you are and know…there’s a lot of pressure in New York City” Daver has a distinct style that would easily attract the eyes of the beautiful people. “Fashion isn't always about the labels but how you put it all together…style can translate into power” explicates Daver. It seems that Mr Campbell-Cargill has that formula ascertain.

The Joneses-Genevieve Jones

Called the Black Paris Hilton, Genevieve has been in the high society social scene since 2002. BY 2006, Ms Jones had everyone asking, “Who’s that girl?” After being dubbed the new “it girl” of the fashion industry by the Wall Street Journal, Genevieve has been a nonstop fixation on NYC red carpet. Truly the definition of the new millennium socialite, Jones attends all of the exclusive fashion events, sitting front row along side Rachel Zoe at hot ticket fashion shows while lacking the wealthy heiress last name usually accompanying the regular society party gals. Though Genevieve’s “breeding” and occupation has been questioned, the native Louisanna child influence and relevance persist in the fashion industry. Muse to and a close friend of Zac Posen, Genevieve has a great personal style that enhances the designer frocks she's frequently photographed wearing. A fan of vintage pieces since she was a teen shopping in Baton Rouge, Genevieve is a mix of 50s glam, lady-like chic and with a touch of whimsicalness.
These days no one is questioning Genevieve’s career status. With a new successful jewelry and handbag line under her belt, her pieces have been seen on Oprah Winfrey, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Cher to name a few. Check out her website here for a look at the collection.
Ms Jones describes fashion as “a great way to express yourself. I can change my mood with color or a choice of dress…I just have fun with it.”
 View the photo gallery for my top Genevieve Jones ensembles