Monday, August 30, 2010

Top Ten Most Stylish Men

It’s been quiet a few years now that we’ve had an influx of metrosexual men. Some are too obsessive to the point of feminism. But some metros have the right balance of sexiness, chic-ness and masculinity. With that said, I would like to discuss the latter.

Here are my Top Ten Stylish “Hollyweird” Men (not listed in order of influence):

1.     Kanye West:
Yes the man is the poster boy for narcissism and in need of a big piece of humble pie but at the end of the day he sure knows how to put an outfit together. Plus he’s not afraid to set trends (yeah I know you’re thinking why would he be…he’s egotistical Mister West…but nonetheless). The original preppy college dropout has evolved from the Louis Vuitton backpack look to a more edgy sophisticated visage
       2.    Adrien Brody:
The Academy Award winner is the face of Zegna for a reason. He exudes style even while riding a bike. The native of Queens takes a New York approach to international jetsetting adding a sharp street edge (along with his sharp nose!) to tailor suits and fitted jeans by incorporating hats and scarves.

3.     Jude Law
The English actor has been tangled in many scandals regarding his intimate relationships and we can see why the ladies love him; he has the two Ss…Sexy and Stylish. He brought masculinity to scarf wearing. He has a classical English look.

4.     Common
Common always had a savoir-faire approach to fashion, long before rappers put those horrific baggy jeans and oversized jerseys in the inferno. Mixing sweaters with t-shirts or a sophisticated blazer with jeans, the baldhead beau is the representation of mature sexy.

5.     Andre 3000
The avant-garde of the hip-hop community, Andre Benjamin 3000, has never been tied to any trends; he sets them. You see the past, present and future with Andre. One day he looks like a polished shared cropper, the next day he is a dapper Harlem Renaissance man and than he is the future in a poncho and minnetonka boots or wearing jeans shirtless with a scarf and beret.

6.     Scott Disick
The perpetual party bad boy is known for a lot of things controversial but no one can deny his impeccable style. He has a fresh take on dandy, wearing well-tailored suits in striking colors with a touch of preppy in every attire.

7.     Pharell
One phrase: sexy skate boy chic. Pharell has major sex appeal in a subtle way. His signature look is a graffiti t-shirt with fitted jeans. He does the “I just throw this on” look but we all know there is a meticulous process to his a la mode.    

      8.     Lapo Elkann
In his powder blue Ferrari with the custom denim seats, Lapo Elkan, is the creme de la creme of men’s fashion. The heir to the Agnelli and Fiat cars has been featured on many international best-dressed lists.  With a brazen fashion sense, he’s not afraid to wear zebra print loafers or a pink fedora. Check out his new line Italia Independent that features both men’s and women’s pieces.

      9.     David Beckham
Dare I use the term “style icon” to describe the metamorphosing appearance of Mr. David Beckham. From his ever-changing hairstyles, to the immaculate clothing style, Beckham is the poster boy for metrosexuals. He wears a level of confidence that allows him to look good in almost anything

10.    Lebron James 
Yes it might seem a bit premature to list Lebron James in this category and I am still   heartbroken as a native New Yorker in his choice of the Miami heats BUT putting sports aside, he’s developed his own dernier cri. Lately he’s looked crisp and clean in tailored suits, vest paired with printed shirts and perfectly matched glasses.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He said...

He said “fall and I’ll catch you’. I thought “okay, I’ll bring the parachute for safety. He said “let go, I’ll be here at the bottom waiting.” I said “but how do I know. I’m afraid. How can I trust you.” He said “I’ll never let you go.” I said “I’m scared; I feel so vulnerable.” He said “if you bring the parachute, what’s the purpose of me being here.” I thought as a back up plan but than I realized he was right, that defeats the whole purpose. Now I stand here at the top of the mountain, wind blowing between my hair, thinking what should I do. Do I let go and trust him? or Do I bring my ol faithful parachute? I hear him yell to the top of the mountain. “Come now, don’t hesitate. I have to go and I want you with me.” Time is ticking away. Need to make a decision. Do I jump without the safety net? or Do I trust him and run into destiny. Thinking, waiting, going, hesitating, running, stalling, holding, pausing. I…

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Cheapside," Kentucky

Cheapside Lexington, KY was one of the largest slave auction blocks in state. In fact, it was the most illustrious slave market site throughout the South. In addition to the traditional slave trading, they sold disfigured and crippled slaves at a fraction of the price to scanty farmers; hence the name “cheapside.” As you might assume, the name of the area is still called “Cheapside.” 

The auction market is also home to the slave “whipping post” where slaves or ”cattle” were punished. “Frequent public floggings reminded every slave of the penalty for inefficient labor, disorderly conduct, or refusal to accept the authority of a superior (historian David Brion Davis).” One of the biggest businesses in Kentucky was slave trading. They exported more slaves than any other state; 16% of KY slaves were sold out of the state to the Deep South. For this reason, many of the slaves in Kentucky were separated from their family including mother and child. Visualize the scene of a crying toddler being ripped from his mother’s arms never to see her again; that was a regular occurrence in Fayette County. 

A little history lesson: slavery was abolition in 1865. Kentucky along with other states like the wonderful Mississippi rejected the 13th amendment to the Constitution and did not ratify that rejection until 1976 (KY) and 1995 (MS). 

Today Cheapside Lexington, KY is home to weekly flea and farmer’s markets. The above pictures were taken at the public square earlier this month. Take a moment today to thank our ancestors for their strength and pray that their souls are at peace. Never forget your past…   

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Absolutly Dumbo

So in the continuation of black folks “selling out” Spike Lee has partnered with Absolut Vodka and come out with Absolutly Brooklyn.  Thanks Spike for assisting in further poisoning our community which already suffers from the infestation of drugs and a poor education system…. Ok so the vodka is actually pretty much the bomb!! And it was open bar!!  I had the vodka tonic. Normania had the cranberry and the country boi had a pineapple. Cool event overall…Normania was almost literally eaten by the bouncer and his friends who were trying to holla, holla, holla .  The country boi had a bromance with some brothers in the building as they bonded over whether Scottie Pippen deserved to be in the hall of fame and whether Kobe is better than Lebron blah blah blah…The night was cool. The country boi fed us with some knock off Chipotle that made my belly turn :( not cool. Anyway, sleepy tyme for now...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Fall Nail Trends

Keeping up with the 2010 Fall Trends, lets discuss nail polish colors. While the summer was all about fun, flirty, and vibrant colors ranging from bright pinks to minty greens. But as the summer comes to an end and the fall air settles in, the shades of colors that we choose will be in line with the Autumn season, so that means neutrals, purples, and grays along with the darker hues such as red, deep browns, and black. Not to say that you can't wear bright pink or orange in the winter but we tend to go for richer colors.

Since we are always looking to try something new but not take huge leaps and step out of our comfort zone, I have listed some of my favorite colors and soon to be favorite colors...

1. Essie - Chinchilly (A must if you are into gray)

2. OPI - Affair in Time Square (gray with purple undertones, one of my faves)

3. Essie - Merino Cool (Avail. 9/1, so excited to try this)

4. Chanel - Black Velvet (we all know how I feel about black polish, I love it. You can wear this anytime either to work or for play)

5. OPI - William Tell Me About Opi (dark purple on the verge of looking black, can't wait to try this)

6. Chanel - LE VERNIS in Dragon (this is for when you really want to stand out in the crowd)

I'm feeling this right now...let's go dancing

Fall 2010 Trends

As the dog days of summer finally start to subdue, we can wipe the perspiration off our faces and start to think about those cool autumn days. Time to put away those short shorts and floral rompers but hold on to the lightweight chiffon tops and minis which both can be transcended into Fall. Now let’s talk my top five fashion trends for Fall 2010:
Hope your feeling a little animalist because this fall the print well be all over. From handbags, to belts, tops, shoes and jackets, zebras and leopards will be crawling all over the stores. But please avoid at all cost to go completely head to toe in the new material; it will be overkill or should I say road kill. Think minimalist when incorporating the new trend. Accentuate the LBD with a funky leopard printed heel.

You saw it creeping into stores back in spring but this fall it will be in full-fledged. Military inspired clothing’s will be lining up in stores. Revitalized military caps, simplified and ramped up military jackets, laced-up combat boots, army green cargo pants. Expect to see the trend well into winter 2011



Neutral Hues
Subdue is the word for this seasons color hue. Anticipate neutral palettes on elegant dresses, flowing fabrics, and coats. Add to this category camel: camel double button coats, cashmere sweaters and fuzzy tan wool vest. 

Not everyone can pull off this trend but velvet has been revived.  Quality is key when purchasing velvet, as the colors are vibrant. I suggest the masculine as feminine approach to this trend. Try tailored suits or a tailored blazer with skinny jeans and a killer boot. The classical approach to this fabric is also a sophisticated choice. 

Oxford Shoes

This style is going nowhere; expect to see a lot more menswear for women in stores. Put those flats in the back of the closet and replace them with really trendy oxford loafers. Go for the traditional style or the new lace-less version. My pick is something more edgy like Christian Louboutin studded lace up oxfords. For those with a heel fetish, try the laced up oxford inspired bootie with a peep toe. The preppy look is always a classic trend to keep. 







Christian Louboutin Studded Lace-Up Oxford Black

By: Ayanna B