Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Absolutly Dumbo

So in the continuation of black folks “selling out” Spike Lee has partnered with Absolut Vodka and come out with Absolutly Brooklyn.  Thanks Spike for assisting in further poisoning our community which already suffers from the infestation of drugs and a poor education system…. Ok so the vodka is actually pretty much the bomb!! And it was open bar!!  I had the vodka tonic. Normania had the cranberry and the country boi had a pineapple. Cool event overall…Normania was almost literally eaten by the bouncer and his friends who were trying to holla, holla, holla .  The country boi had a bromance with some brothers in the building as they bonded over whether Scottie Pippen deserved to be in the hall of fame and whether Kobe is better than Lebron blah blah blah…The night was cool. The country boi fed us with some knock off Chipotle that made my belly turn :( not cool. Anyway, sleepy tyme for now...

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