Friday, October 29, 2010

Rlife Live Time Square

Last night was the official launch of Renaissance Hotel’s Rlife Live series with events taking place simultaneously in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. RLife Live is a new series for the hotel chain intended to stimulate hotel guest and local patrons with enriching musical talents and culinary arts. 

I attended the kick off Rlife event in Times Square, which featured a live performance by Grammy award winning R&B artist Robin Thicke with Solange Knowles and Samantha Ronson on the turntables.  The good music coupled with tasty food and libations made the night a fetching experience. There were a number of celebrities in the building including David Banner, Minka Kelly and D-Nice. The always fashionable and new Manhattan residents, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were in the building. Unfortunately, they were whisked in and out of the party by security so I did not have a chance to view their getup.

Guests of the event were dressed to party in traditional NYC nightlife attire that included trendy cocktail dresses, skinny jeans & stilettos and short full skirts with flashy tops.

My side note: just another industry party. I enjoyed myself for about the 1st hour. It was cool meeting Robin Thicke but an hour and half in, I was ready go. Had to stay to "cover the event." Plus my lady friends were having too much fun! Please let me say that I did truly enjoy the free food and drinks...cheers to industry parties. They're the best for that but the crowd is always so stuffy and they have an air of entitlement. When we did final leave guess what wonderful gift NYC gave us....a towed car!!! Devastated!! Tired, sore feet...aahhoyoa good times in NYC. Don't get me was a blast. Shout out to my girls Shay and Zakiya :) smooches  

ELLE’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Twenty-fifth seems to be the mega milestone of 2010 with ELLE magazine and White House/Black Market celebrating their anniversary last night at MoMa. ELLE also commemorated the launch of its new styling book The ELLEments of Personal Style featuring 25 fashion icons discussing their tips on how to dress, shop and live.

The night was an amusing party with key fashion industry players in attendance, drinking and feasting on delicious hor d’oeuvres while dressed in dashing fashion styles. Featured ELLEment’s icons Estelle graced the audience with a short but high-energy performance. Notable guests included Zac Posen, Christian Siriano, Shontelle and ELLEment icons Fatima Robinson, Diane von Furstenberg and Padma Lakshmi (to name a few). Also on deck, my favorite ELLE magazine staffer, Olivia Palermo, who was beyond fashionably late, strolling in 30mins before the end of the event.

ELLE magazine and White House/Black Market share a commonalty of promoting individual style, femininity and beauty for all women. As an ELLE employee put it “its not about expensive items but bringing your own unique style to pieces” and that was the theme for the night. As you would image, everyone was dapperly dressed. Accessory highlight for the night: shoes, shoes, and shoes! In the words of Rachel Zoe “I literally died” when I saw the Fendishire boots on the label’s event coordinator who was fashionably dressed head to toe in Fendi. The polka dots ensemble on guest Reece was chicest of the night.

My side note: shee-shee foo-foo aaoo the industry types...I yawn and I gag. Good times!!! Oh and I don't agree with Estelle being labeled an icon of style...booo. Maybe they gave her that title so she would perform for free LMAO!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love this...

Shoe Fetish

If you’re like me and have an unexplainable addiction for those alluring foot accessories, yes shoes (do a little dance), than you’ll want to keep up with this season’s must have footwear:

Spikes on Everything
Pick up a pair of funky heels, flats or boots with spikes laced throughout. 

My top picks  
Christian Siriano’s Shoes for Payless

Sam Edelmen

Christian Louboutin "Clou Noeud Spikes" which combines both the spike trend and the lady like look; love them!

And Christian's bad ballerina flats:

Ladylike shoes inspired by the fashion styles from the 50s. I’m completely obsessed with Louie Vuitton’s 2010 fall ready-to-wear collection (preview here: Louie Vuitton Fall 2010 collection). I literally want every full skirt, dress and cropped jacket. I love the velvet trimming details and the shoes! The bigger the bow the better.

Louie Vuitton Fall shoe collection:



Finally this season you must have at least one pair of military inspired footwear; the trend can be found in almost every designer’s collection.

Alexander Wang

All Saints Suede Stud Military Cuff Boot
Tory Burch "Halima Suede"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

H&M Soho Reopening

Tonight H&M, along with Nylon Magazine, celebrated the grand re-opening of their Soho clothing store with an invite only event. The line for the festivity trailed southward down Broadway all the way to Broome Street. The event was crammed with the usual fashionistas and shopaholics.  The store was well shocked with H&M’s customary affordable trendy and classic pieces. Patrons were served complementary alcoholic beverages and vacuous hors d’oeuvres; I only saw one tray of finger food the entire night. Lucky attendees received a parting gift bag contenting a free t-shirt and Nylon magazine.

H&M is selling this season’s leopard print apparel including a cute leopard tank jumpsuit and leopard cardigans. Also in stock were really affordable leather goods: a short military inspired jacket and mini leather dresses.  Always on hand, were H&Ms basic t-shirts, sweaters and tights. As well as, really inexpensive winter coats and jackets. To encourage shopping, all guest received 25% off their entire purchase; a sweet deal in my opinion. I recommend stopping by your local H&M store and checking out their 2010 fall collection. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Five Ways to Deal with a Sudden Life-Altering Event

-Play green thumb to your father’s flourishing marijuana tree including looking up instructions via trustworthy than manicuring, drying and curing the beautiful plant. I found this entire process to be quiet calming and meditative

-What do you do with abundance of collie bud and lots of time on your hands? Why make magic brownies! If made correctly, they’re delicious; healthy (no concern for lung damage) and the effects can be euphoric. Beware: overindulgence on the sweet treats may cause the belly bulge 

-Obnoxious distractions from my “new roomie/” little sister and her boyfriend’s nightly video chat which she so graciously decides to keep on speaker for me to see and hear, perfect J  Listening to their love banter, staring into each other’s eyes for hours! and walking around the house carrying the computer as a tray so they can be with each other every free moment. What a wondrous diversion yes! 

-The carefree alcoholic cousins.  Love these ladies immeasurably. Their wacky corky personalities were exactly what the therapist orders. Lots of alcohol and laughs when needed  

-Finally, writing. Cheers to creative expression.  
Aww at last but what is a distraction but a diversion from something that you most ultimately deal with and now is that time…