Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Five Ways to Deal with a Sudden Life-Altering Event

-Play green thumb to your father’s flourishing marijuana tree including looking up instructions via trustworthy than manicuring, drying and curing the beautiful plant. I found this entire process to be quiet calming and meditative

-What do you do with abundance of collie bud and lots of time on your hands? Why make magic brownies! If made correctly, they’re delicious; healthy (no concern for lung damage) and the effects can be euphoric. Beware: overindulgence on the sweet treats may cause the belly bulge 

-Obnoxious distractions from my “new roomie/” little sister and her boyfriend’s nightly video chat which she so graciously decides to keep on speaker for me to see and hear, perfect J  Listening to their love banter, staring into each other’s eyes for hours! and walking around the house carrying the computer as a tray so they can be with each other every free moment. What a wondrous diversion yes! 

-The carefree alcoholic cousins.  Love these ladies immeasurably. Their wacky corky personalities were exactly what the therapist orders. Lots of alcohol and laughs when needed  

-Finally, writing. Cheers to creative expression.  
Aww at last but what is a distraction but a diversion from something that you most ultimately deal with and now is that time… 

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