Friday, October 29, 2010

Rlife Live Time Square

Last night was the official launch of Renaissance Hotel’s Rlife Live series with events taking place simultaneously in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. RLife Live is a new series for the hotel chain intended to stimulate hotel guest and local patrons with enriching musical talents and culinary arts. 

I attended the kick off Rlife event in Times Square, which featured a live performance by Grammy award winning R&B artist Robin Thicke with Solange Knowles and Samantha Ronson on the turntables.  The good music coupled with tasty food and libations made the night a fetching experience. There were a number of celebrities in the building including David Banner, Minka Kelly and D-Nice. The always fashionable and new Manhattan residents, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were in the building. Unfortunately, they were whisked in and out of the party by security so I did not have a chance to view their getup.

Guests of the event were dressed to party in traditional NYC nightlife attire that included trendy cocktail dresses, skinny jeans & stilettos and short full skirts with flashy tops.

My side note: just another industry party. I enjoyed myself for about the 1st hour. It was cool meeting Robin Thicke but an hour and half in, I was ready go. Had to stay to "cover the event." Plus my lady friends were having too much fun! Please let me say that I did truly enjoy the free food and drinks...cheers to industry parties. They're the best for that but the crowd is always so stuffy and they have an air of entitlement. When we did final leave guess what wonderful gift NYC gave us....a towed car!!! Devastated!! Tired, sore feet...aahhoyoa good times in NYC. Don't get me was a blast. Shout out to my girls Shay and Zakiya :) smooches  

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