Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jay-Z Hits Collection

Jay-z has a new greatest hits album coming out this November 22nd called The Hits Collection, Volume 1. To promote the album, a group of corporations-AgencyNet, Def Jam, and Roc Nation-have collaborated to launch a new website. The site highlights Jay’s career from four different eras-“The Beginning,” “Marcy to Madison Square Garden,” “Corporate Takeover” and finally “I Run the Map.” Each era tells the story of Sean’s professional life through his music at that time, quotes from his lyrics, photos and a timeline of events corresponding to his musical career. Visitors to the webpage can tweet instantly on the site-preferably about Jay-z and an even more avidity testimonies about the artist; well at least that what’s the creators of the website are hoping.

Richie Cruz the digital strategist for AgencyNet said the new album is an art piece and the website will reinforce that by “incorporating fans testimony” and stimulating fans with alluring music and photos. The global skyline on the website was created by the agency to put a visual emphasis on Carter’s worldwide influence and appeal.

In my opinion, does Jay-z really need a website dedicated to his greatest hits album-no. Will the site more than likely be a success-yes. To date, Jay-z is the most popular hip-hop artist. He has a multi-cultural almost ageless demographic of fans. Some of those fans follow his words as if they were written in stone so the site will succeed. Would I love to see Mr. Carter and his team promote something more philanthropic-yes. Maybe that will happen next year just in time for the next album.

With that said, currently, Jay-z is in the studio with Kanye West recording a highly anticipated collaboration album which is slated to be release sometime early next year.

Check out the new hits collection site here and be sure to share your thoughts about the website. 

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