Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beware Shoppers: Soho Topshop has Bedbugs!

Yesterday, I decided to run a couple of errands which included exchanging a shirt I purchase from the Soho Topshop. First, let me say that I absolutely love the British clothing store Topshop.  The Soho location is the first and currently only US store. On average there are well over 150,000 visitors per week at the Soho store.

Facts behind us, I delight in exploring the multi-level behemoth store with its colorful accessories and every item thinkable for the party diva in all of us. I searched the racks for hours looking for a suitable item since the shop does not issue store credits. To get to the point, I purchased a couple of items and heading home; no additional stops in between.

Its common knowledge that there is a big bedbug problem across the nation, especially in congested Manhattan which has reported multiple findings of bedbugs in public places including Hollister, Old Navy, 42nd and 34th street movie theatres, Niketown, Victoria’s Secret and you can now officially add NYC Topshop to the list! 

For this reason, I am very cautious when returning home from most NYC outings. After returning from shopping, I emptied the contents on the hardwood floors in my living room in excitement to model the newbies when to my dismay to my complete and utter horrification a flat-back bug plumps on the floor along side my chic new finds! Devastated I killed the beast.

If most New Yorkers including myself are aware of the problem why hasn’t Topshop, a store that receives numerous shoppers daily, not taken the proper precautions to frequently exterminate the store, is unacceptable. The critters are everywhere! I am completely paranoid traveling anywhere outside of my apartment. I’ve removed movie theatre visits from my entertainment list and now shopping! Bring back DDT or invent a new insecticide that will wipe them out of existence. This is bug warfare and the bugs are winning.
Here’s my cheap and immediate remedy: purchase at least 60% solution of isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle. Spray any new purchased items before comingling with your home. The best way to stop this problem is to control the spreading of the six -legged insects.

If you have a horrifying or just plain ol’ funny bedbug story, please share. 

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