Monday, November 15, 2010

Regal Sovereign

After giving birth to her first child, local Brooklyn designer, Raina Lewis decided it was time to take destiny into her own hands and follow her dreams of becoming a jewelry designer. In 2010, she launched her line Regal Sovereign. The designer came up with the name of the jewelry line by playing with elements of her name. “I came up with the name Regal Sovereign because my name means Queen and I wanted to make a line for everyone to tap into their inner Queen. We are made in his image and God is Sovereign and as children of God we are part of his Sovereignty so we Reign as well.”

Regal Sovereign features a lot of metals like copper, brass and nickel. Raina makes the jewelry by hands; putting her heart and soul into each ornament. Every piece is an original. Even if a customer requests a duplicate item, Raina will add a small tweak to distinguish it from the original. Mostly, Raina finds inspiration from Vintage items, music and art work and loves incorporating a “positive and fun messages” in her pieces. “I believe that they are all works of art.”

Regal Sovereign has a couple of collections. Popular collections include “Be You” and “Connected Collection” where you’ll “find pieces connected by chain from one ear to the other (like) a ring connected to a bracelet.” Raina wants to produce pieces that make women feel beautiful and that are timeless. When creating jewelry, she follows her gut: “the visions that I get in my head I create.”

Prices are reasonable and can be purchased online or at Callalilai on Atlantic Avenue. For more information about Regal Sovereign, please refer to the website here.

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