Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Joneses-Genevieve Jones

Called the Black Paris Hilton, Genevieve has been in the high society social scene since 2002. BY 2006, Ms Jones had everyone asking, “Who’s that girl?” After being dubbed the new “it girl” of the fashion industry by the Wall Street Journal, Genevieve has been a nonstop fixation on NYC red carpet. Truly the definition of the new millennium socialite, Jones attends all of the exclusive fashion events, sitting front row along side Rachel Zoe at hot ticket fashion shows while lacking the wealthy heiress last name usually accompanying the regular society party gals. Though Genevieve’s “breeding” and occupation has been questioned, the native Louisanna child influence and relevance persist in the fashion industry. Muse to and a close friend of Zac Posen, Genevieve has a great personal style that enhances the designer frocks she's frequently photographed wearing. A fan of vintage pieces since she was a teen shopping in Baton Rouge, Genevieve is a mix of 50s glam, lady-like chic and with a touch of whimsicalness.
These days no one is questioning Genevieve’s career status. With a new successful jewelry and handbag line under her belt, her pieces have been seen on Oprah Winfrey, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Cher to name a few. Check out her website here for a look at the collection.
Ms Jones describes fashion as “a great way to express yourself. I can change my mood with color or a choice of dress…I just have fun with it.”
 View the photo gallery for my top Genevieve Jones ensembles  

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