Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taylor Swift...Huh?!? Kanye West's self proclaimed Asshole...Really?!?

Seriously, I can't take anymore of this. Its been a year since the whole Kanye West "I've been drinking too much Hennessy at the VMAs and how the hell is Taylor Swift gonna win best female video over Beyonce. I'm just gonna go on stage and let the world know she don't desire it!" I personally was quiet entertained and we all know that it catapulted Taylor Swift into real stardom. No one outside of country music knew or cared about her but after Kanye West, Americans couldn't stop talking about sweet innocent Taylor Swift and that angry black man Kanye West. Taylor's 2010 VMA answer performance to Kanye West was...hold on a second I'm yawning...boring! What was she talking about? I had to put on the closed caption to read the word. "You're an innocent; you're still growing at 32; we can be friends" yadda yadda. Was she talking about Kanye being an innocent as in he's a child or was she talking about herself "I'm America's sweetheart Taylor Swift; I'm an innocent" Either way, I don't care and I'm completely over this celebrity stunt.

Moving on to Kanye West's debut performance which was equally a bore. I enjoyed the song much better than Taylor's and his red suit with long gold chains against the white stage was appealing to my eyes. Kanye toasted to himself "the asshole," to "the douchebag"...great stuff; at least he knows. Pusha T of the Clipse graced the stage w/ a few bars (sidebar I liked the pink blazer w/ pink t-shirt). Kanye lost me once the auto tones came in...booooo! Can we finally once and for all stop the auto tone mania, its painful. At least Kanye has a better PR team than that sad case Chris Brown.

As I said before, this episode has gone on for entirely too long. Kanye West is a talented asshole and Taylor Swift is a gifted pester. I wish them both the best. Now let's move on to the next celebrity disaster...

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