Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reopening of GoldBar Fall 2010

Tonight was the grand reopening of Nolita’s Gold Bar which is known for pretentious parties for all of NYC’s many ethnic groups. Gold bar has a great décor. Compliments to the club designer Robert McKinley for the gothic gold assets including the gold skull walls and gold chain curtains. I am always transfixed by the haunting and surreal artwork on the wall.

The opening was pretty tamed and quiet compared to the usual scene of last season. The crowd, keeping with the Fashion Week trend was fashionable. As far as style, no one really stood out besides a few well-dressed men including a swanky dressed male in a red rain jacket and tastefully combined scarf. He was unfortunately not a New York native but actually a Miamian (not that there’s anything wrong with that; I’m just bias). The open vodka bar was well appreciated by patrons (well those who actually knew that the bar was open). The crowd thickened as the night progressed. I’m positive that come late fall and winter, Gold bar will be back to its usual tight door policy with all the beautiful people inside hobnobbing. As far as the grand reopening, it fizzled. 

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