Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GPS Tracking Devices and Privacy

In an unusual ruling, implemented by nine western states including California, government officials can now creep into your private home and implant GPS devices on your vehicle. The legal ruling allows agents to invade your habitats minus any judiciary reasoning. Any unfenced or gated properties are subject to tracking device implantation, which follow your movements for an indefinite amount of time. In these states, if you can’t afford to gate your residence, expect your privacy rights to be violated by law enforcers for whatever reason found fit, furthering the gap between the have and have not’s.

Some of you might already be providing this information to individuals if you have the popular retail GPS systems or On*Star devices on your vehicle, which tracks and stores your daily whereabouts. Do you really want your ever moves tracked and recorded? More importantly, is this not a violation of our 4th amendment? Should the government be allowed to trespass on private property minus any reasonable cause or warrant? At what point is this seen as a form of totalitarianism? When is bigger government seen as too much governing? Anticipate two things in the near future: the expansion of the ruling in other states and a hopeful appeal against the clearly breach of reasonable search and seizure laws.   

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