Wednesday, September 8, 2010

“Recession Proof” Summer 2010 Trends: Brooklyn Addition

Sadly, summer is officially over with Labor Day behind us. Though I am positive the wonderful weather will continue on well into October. It’s been a tough economical year for most. Whether your unemployed or underemployed, we’ve all had to cut back on our expenses and luxuries this summer. Each city has it on personality, which entails its on trends. Brooklyn being one of the most unique cities in the country, is well known for artistic and progressive individuals.  As a transplant Brooklynite, you can imagine that I’ve spent quiet a bit of time this summer exploring Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods. Let’s reflect on 2010 Brooklyn summer “recession proof” trends:

1.     Cut off pants: whether they’re your old boot cut or flared jeans (so bad!!) or a pair of chinos that need revamping, this summer cut off pants were all over. From polished cuffs to rugged unfinished edges, on guys and gals, the style looked great on anyone and for any occasion.  

2.     Let’s go Green! Bicycles were everywhere in Brooklyn, literally. In Williamsburg you could spend 20mins looking for an empty “space” to park your bike. On Park Slope’s 5th avenue, there are sometime more bike commuters than cars. Crown Heights residents have noticed bicycle corrals throughout their neighborhood. Brooklyn is leading the way amongst the five boroughs with greener commuting and with Michael Bloomberg’s new bike lines (and more to come) throughout the city, expect to see this trend expand and continue. Mother Earth thanks you ;) 

3.     Staying Trendy…the Vintage way: If you don’t know, well now you know, Brooklyn has some amazing vintage boutiques perfect for those hard to find, one of a kind pieces. Summer past 2010, patrons on a budget, stayed current on trends by buying discounted vintage apparel. Expect this “recession proof” trend to continue on through the fall and winter. I spotted a couple of fall most have items on the racks at Beacon’s Closet including a classic pair of leopard print flats and a edgy military jacket. 

4.     Ray Bans: Yes they are designer glasses BUT they are an affordable pair of designer glasses that will always be in style. Retail price range from $99 to $145, which is a great deal when you compare them to other designer duds like Roberto Cavalli ($390) or Gucci ($325). I personally think that Ray Ban’s shades are timeless cool.

5.     Skippy Sneakers: They’re called Skippy for Skipper from Gilligan's Island who wore the sneakers on the popular show. Skippy sneakers are ked-like footwear; they’re cheap and versatile. They come in many colors and brands. I’ve seen Toms, Vans and Keds on passersby through out the fashion forward borough. 

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