Monday, February 7, 2011

Paradox of Facebook picture sharing

The possibilities are endless; connecting lost friends, old lovers and far-away family members. A massive social network able to start and continue revolutions, promote grassroots fundraising, setting the stage and location of protest across the globe. Yet today I have a simple and very trivial complaint, the ever useful and super social, instant picture sharing. Oh the wondrous ability to share your experiences with distant friends and family instantaneous.

As I prepared to attend my friend’s birthday celebration, I had a major dilemma styling myself for the night because of Facebook photo sharing. I have friends who are, like most people, Facebook enthusiasts, always updating their status and posting pictures of events and insignificant outings all the same. I now have the added pressure to look voguishly swanky while not repeating an outfit already posted on Facebook. I feel like a celebrity minus the stylist and money.

My resolution to this pickle: limit what events are shared on Facebook and creatively alternating past ensembles. The former is almost impossible. I’ve tried on numerous occasions to manage what pictures loved ones post, to no success. Unless you are the designative photographer for the night, there’s no controlling what is and is not shared on Facebook. The latter on that list requires minimum drama and only a little creativity is needed.

For that favorite LBD (little black dress), try adding a colorful blazer and a pair of variegated heels. Everyone’s eyes will be drawn to your striking accessories, they won’t even notice the dress.

For that favorite silk chiffon top that you love pairing with jeans, add an embellished belt and mini skirt. Again, the attention will be on your accessories and sexy long legs. Always remember the perfect pair of high heels; they’ll elongate your legs in a flash. The higher the heel, the better when coupled with a classy mini.

Finally, if all else fails and you have a little time to prep, hit up fan favorite Forever 21. As all true fashion goddess know, the store has so many selections of trendy cheap finds where you’re sure to scoop a modish outfit for the night under $40. At that price, you can afford to buy an “of the moment” piece that won’t be a repeat offender since chances are it might end up in the charity bin next season.

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