Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYC Fashion Week 2011: Blanc de Chine

First luxury Chinese brand Blanc de Chine, presented their 2011 collection during NYC Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of The Five Elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The Women’s wear incorporated those elements through layering and highlighting silhouettes of Chinese architectures. There were bell sleeves and curved collars. The line also featured wide-brimmed cuffs, collars and hems. Women’s embellished bell sleeves shirt could easily dress up a pair of fitted jeans.

The Women’s Evening collection was clearly imbued by the element of fire. One dress in particular gave the essence of a Chinese phoenix. The elegant crystal beading, intricate sequins and pleated detail imitated the reflection of burning fire. Another stand out piece was the maroon sequins and silk satin gown with cadet collar.

Blanc de Chine’s menswear featured a lot of traditionally Chinese shapes and cuts like the Mein O men’s jackets, which were updated with thicker padding on the collar, sleeves, and chest. The style was modernized by layering different fabrics like wool with leather. The stand out piece of the men’s collection was the versatile leather and wool mandarin collar shirt.

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