Friday, November 26, 2010

I couldn't say it any better...Dee 1

Seriously its time for these ignorant rappers to take responsibility for their lyrics and show solicitude for the neighborhoods they came from and their loyal fans. It would be nice if as Americans we could change the "tradition" of capitalism which encourages self interest above all others...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

N.E.R.D Hypnotize U

Is Pharell for real with this one?? Lord knows he is a fine piece of art to my eyes and chocolate in my mouth (LMAO!!! so damn dirty) BUT he's build like a boy!! Anyway, I quiet enjoyed this provocative video...

Brooklyn Demin Co

America’s favorite clothing item JEANS has a new home in Williamsburg; Brooklyn Demin Co is a denim lover’s paradise. The large loft space is lined with jeans from ceiling to floor throughout the haven. The highly recommended store features designer labels like AG, James Jeans, Hudson, Levis XX, Habitual, Made & Crafted, Rogan, Tellison, Men Without a Country, and Simon Miller.

Threesome owners Frank Pizzurro, Sam Yocum, and Evan Hecht decided to open up a Williamsburg shop because the neighborhood was lacking a specialty salon that would have the selection and knowledgeable staff members for the denim obsess locals. “I have been walking around Williamsburg where theres more denim per square inch than anywhere…everyones wearing jeans, but theres no jeans stores, and with my background it made sense” explained owner Frank who has worked in the apparel industry for over 20 years.  

Staying socially correct or should I say patriotic while being chic, Brooklyn Denim Co. specializes in American-made denim and local brands. Frank says they stress “localsmall, local entrepreneurs.” An added bonus to the boutique is there in house hemming and tailoring services at a reasonable price.
Starting early next year, Brooklyn Denim Co will debut their own jeans line, which will be made 100% in the USA. They are stressing quality and fit in each pair of jeans. “Were going to use the best denim we can get from Cone Mills, one of the oldest denim factories in the country”-Frank.

Expect to find jeans priced from $65 to about $400.
They also carry knitwear and outerwear for men and women as well as handbags skirts for women. For more information, check out there website

The Joneses: Michelle Obama

New weekly column, “The Joneses,” will highlight black socialites throughout the country. The first featured fabulous diva is not only a socially prominent figure but is a global role model for women and an advocate for human rights. The nation’s first lady, Michelle Obama, has become a fashion fixation after her husband’s ascent into a worldwide dignitary. She has been featured on many best-dressed lists including Essence "25 of the World's Most Inspiring Women” and Vanity Fair’s "10 of the World's Best Dressed People.” Frequently compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, Michelle has a great sense of style, a regal presence with an amazing fit physique.   

There’s definitely a formula to the first lady chic.  She’s frequently seen wearing empire waist dresses, colorful cardigans, one shoulder dresses and tops. She’s knows how to creatively accessorize by adding flare to her outfits with chucky necklaces, embellished brooches and dangling earrings.  She’s an every day women who knows how to dress to flatter her physique.

Regal Sovereign

After giving birth to her first child, local Brooklyn designer, Raina Lewis decided it was time to take destiny into her own hands and follow her dreams of becoming a jewelry designer. In 2010, she launched her line Regal Sovereign. The designer came up with the name of the jewelry line by playing with elements of her name. “I came up with the name Regal Sovereign because my name means Queen and I wanted to make a line for everyone to tap into their inner Queen. We are made in his image and God is Sovereign and as children of God we are part of his Sovereignty so we Reign as well.”

Regal Sovereign features a lot of metals like copper, brass and nickel. Raina makes the jewelry by hands; putting her heart and soul into each ornament. Every piece is an original. Even if a customer requests a duplicate item, Raina will add a small tweak to distinguish it from the original. Mostly, Raina finds inspiration from Vintage items, music and art work and loves incorporating a “positive and fun messages” in her pieces. “I believe that they are all works of art.”

Regal Sovereign has a couple of collections. Popular collections include “Be You” and “Connected Collection” where you’ll “find pieces connected by chain from one ear to the other (like) a ring connected to a bracelet.” Raina wants to produce pieces that make women feel beautiful and that are timeless. When creating jewelry, she follows her gut: “the visions that I get in my head I create.”

Prices are reasonable and can be purchased online or at Callalilai on Atlantic Avenue. For more information about Regal Sovereign, please refer to the website here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beware Shoppers: Soho Topshop has Bedbugs!

Yesterday, I decided to run a couple of errands which included exchanging a shirt I purchase from the Soho Topshop. First, let me say that I absolutely love the British clothing store Topshop.  The Soho location is the first and currently only US store. On average there are well over 150,000 visitors per week at the Soho store.

Facts behind us, I delight in exploring the multi-level behemoth store with its colorful accessories and every item thinkable for the party diva in all of us. I searched the racks for hours looking for a suitable item since the shop does not issue store credits. To get to the point, I purchased a couple of items and heading home; no additional stops in between.

Its common knowledge that there is a big bedbug problem across the nation, especially in congested Manhattan which has reported multiple findings of bedbugs in public places including Hollister, Old Navy, 42nd and 34th street movie theatres, Niketown, Victoria’s Secret and you can now officially add NYC Topshop to the list! 

For this reason, I am very cautious when returning home from most NYC outings. After returning from shopping, I emptied the contents on the hardwood floors in my living room in excitement to model the newbies when to my dismay to my complete and utter horrification a flat-back bug plumps on the floor along side my chic new finds! Devastated I killed the beast.

If most New Yorkers including myself are aware of the problem why hasn’t Topshop, a store that receives numerous shoppers daily, not taken the proper precautions to frequently exterminate the store, is unacceptable. The critters are everywhere! I am completely paranoid traveling anywhere outside of my apartment. I’ve removed movie theatre visits from my entertainment list and now shopping! Bring back DDT or invent a new insecticide that will wipe them out of existence. This is bug warfare and the bugs are winning.
Here’s my cheap and immediate remedy: purchase at least 60% solution of isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle. Spray any new purchased items before comingling with your home. The best way to stop this problem is to control the spreading of the six -legged insects.

If you have a horrifying or just plain ol’ funny bedbug story, please share. 

Fort Greene’s New Sneaker Salon

Attention all you sneaker fanatics: Brooklyn has a new sneaker boutique salon in trendy Fort Greene. Pedigree Sneaker Gallery carries specialty brands like Y-3, AMQ and Adidas Originals as well as a classic selection of Air Force Ones, New Balances and more. In addition, for those who want to know what their perfect pair of sneakers is or their “Lifetime Style Heritage” can take a 100-item questionnaire.  The owner/sneaker connoisseur Asio Highsmith, will either suggest a great pair of classic or employ an artist to custom make the kicks for you. Expect to pay a pretty penny for this service. Also notable is the interesting décor of the store-the floors are covered in astro turf and centerpiece is Vespa scooter.

Be sure to stop by Pedigree Sneaker Gallery—45 Willoughby Avenue 718-858-8755 

Tommy Hilfiger and Esquire Magazine

Tommy Hilfiger along with Esquire Magazine celebrated the fall 2010 collection from the definitive American sportswear label at their relatively new global flagship Fifth Avenue store. The name of the collection “preppy with a pop” is definitely befitting of the line. With the help of designer Peter Som, the line is a refreshing spin on traditional Hilfiger.

Sanjeet, a manager in the flagship store, is excited about the “fashionable American brand’s” new collection because they have incorporated “touches of British style with the tweeds” and the cuts on the pants and jackets. Celebrity stylist Keino Benjamin described it as “vintage preppy with a soft twist.” “I love the colors (especially) red (which) is his main color symbolizing the American flag.” Mr Benjamin would love if Tommy would develop a slim line for men; apparently the fits aren’t slim enough for him. Many guest at the event describe the new collection as being very English boarding school with an edge; think of the young Princes of Wales- William or Harry.

Let’s start with his basics: Hilfiger has a great assortment of classic crew and v-neck sweaters in multiple colors, gingham button down shirts with appliqué on the sleeves, sailor long sleeve t-shirts & sweaters and winter coats with fur trimmed collar’s. Now on to the fabulous: my most have pieces: love both the ankle and over the knee duck boots, the ruffle silk blouse with striped vest (classic), the male and female conductor jackets and the Rebecca viole skirt a perfect day to night piece.

Be sure to check out for my most have pieces and the photo gallery for scenes from the event

Sanjeet Tommy manager
Keino Benjamin Celebrity Stylist 

Jay-Z Hits Collection

Jay-z has a new greatest hits album coming out this November 22nd called The Hits Collection, Volume 1. To promote the album, a group of corporations-AgencyNet, Def Jam, and Roc Nation-have collaborated to launch a new website. The site highlights Jay’s career from four different eras-“The Beginning,” “Marcy to Madison Square Garden,” “Corporate Takeover” and finally “I Run the Map.” Each era tells the story of Sean’s professional life through his music at that time, quotes from his lyrics, photos and a timeline of events corresponding to his musical career. Visitors to the webpage can tweet instantly on the site-preferably about Jay-z and an even more avidity testimonies about the artist; well at least that what’s the creators of the website are hoping.

Richie Cruz the digital strategist for AgencyNet said the new album is an art piece and the website will reinforce that by “incorporating fans testimony” and stimulating fans with alluring music and photos. The global skyline on the website was created by the agency to put a visual emphasis on Carter’s worldwide influence and appeal.

In my opinion, does Jay-z really need a website dedicated to his greatest hits album-no. Will the site more than likely be a success-yes. To date, Jay-z is the most popular hip-hop artist. He has a multi-cultural almost ageless demographic of fans. Some of those fans follow his words as if they were written in stone so the site will succeed. Would I love to see Mr. Carter and his team promote something more philanthropic-yes. Maybe that will happen next year just in time for the next album.

With that said, currently, Jay-z is in the studio with Kanye West recording a highly anticipated collaboration album which is slated to be release sometime early next year.

Check out the new hits collection site here and be sure to share your thoughts about the website.