Sunday, January 30, 2011

H&M to launch Online Shopping Site

Swedish fast fashion chain H&M is finally ready to grace its many USA avid shoppers with an online shopping site. Announced this week via tweeter, H&M will offer customers their trendy and super affordable flocks online at the end of 2011/ beginning of 2012. After reviewing last years sales numbers and seeing a 15% increase, H&M has decided to open 250 more stores and expand their digital market.

<In 2011, we plan to open around 250 stores net in new and existing markets. We will open in five new markets. At the same time we are expanding our online and catalogue sales. At the start of 2011, we are launching the new H&M Shop Online in the markets where we offer online and catalogue sales already. Shopping experience and functionality have been improved. Around year-end we plan to start online sales in USA, the world’s largest online market.>

I can already hear the sounds of excitement from all the economically conscious stylistas out there as you ponder the convenience of shopping the brand without leaving your home or work desk especially in cities across the US where there are no local stores. Still to be determined is whether or not H&M designer collaborations like Lanvin and Roberto Cavalli will be offered for sale online. I highly doubt the sell of designer collaboration items since they are not current proffered on the European shopping sites.  For sometime now, H&M has had an ecommerce site for their UK clientele. For an idea of what H&M’s online shopping site would look like, refer here.  

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